Week 5: Refining with Definitions and Functions


If you have been exploring and experimenting with some of the methods found in the Minetest Modding API, you have some idea of the possibilities for modding for minetest. The API provides many tools, some of which are customizable depending on how you set their definitions by adding or changing certain feilds or even writing functions that to create custom behaviors for objects in your mod. At this point in the course, you should be focused on wrapping up introducing new elements to your mod and focus on improving and refining the work you have created. If you have created nodes, this may mean improving textures or adding code to make the nodes you have created more useful or specialized in the game.

Things you should know by the end of this challenge:

This Week's Challenge!

(1)Cut your losses. You many not be able to finish everything you wanted during this class. Remember the real goal of the class was not to teach you everything, but to give you the tools and skill you need be able to continue on teaching yourself. This class is just the beginning of your journey developing code and graphics. For now, focus on improving the features of your mod rather than starting new features.

(2) Explore the fields in your code. Use the Minetest Modding API section on nodes to help you understand what some of the fields control in the definition under minetest.register_node(). Change the setting where appropriate to match the characteristics of your node as you imagine it.

(3) Advanced: Add new methods to change the behavior of you node. You should register crafts or ways for your node to spawn naturally in your world. You can also create crafts for objects already in the game that can be crafted from your mod, such as dyes, tools, etc. Don't forget to use the resources on the mainpage to help you with this.