Welcome to CODEMINERS!

As CodeMiners, students learn the basics of coding and graphic design while working as a team to learn to develop mods for an open-source game, Minetest. In the course of contributing to the group project, they will be introduced to a variety of resources and strategies to help them continue on their path as developers. Students will also receive a flash drive containing a portable version of the game, with their class mod installed after completion of the class.


Class Materials

collabedit online code editor

Piskel Pixel Art and Animated Sprites

Khan Academy Logo

Computer Programming Courses

minetest logo

Official Minetest Site

Minetest Modding Book by Ruben Wardy

Minetest Modding Lua API Referece 0.4.15 html text

Minetest Developer's Wiki

Lua 5.1 Reference Manual

Challenge Problems

Week 1 Challenge

Week 2 Challenge

Week 3 Challenge

Week 4 Challenge

Week 5 Challenge

Bonus Resources

Check out my other course, Pixel Artists

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!

CodeNewbie Podcast & Community

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