Week 4 Challenge: Explore Possibilities


As you finish up your first nodes, you should now try to identify common theme for the mod which you will work on for the rest of this class. From here on, each class will become more focused on you taking responsibility to find the resources needed write the code to accomplish the goals you set for your mod. Mods focused on a single theme or purpose for modifying Minetest will be most successful.

Things you should know by the end of this challenge:

This Week's Challenge!

(1)Explore other mods: This is one of the best ways to learn to code mods. These are a few of my favorite modders Github pages:

(2)Focus on a single theme or purpose for your mod. Mods should accomplish basic goals like creating new nodes and crafts for the game. Try creating different types of nodes such as plantlike, glasslike or animated nodes.

Remember to have fun and take breaks when you need to. If something is stumping you, try using your resources on the Codeminers' home page, ask a neighbor or take a break and work on another aspect of your mod and try again on the problem a little later.