Week 3 Challenge: Digging deeper into Nodes.


This week you should continue practicing creating nodes for your mod. Once you understand the basic process practiced in the challenge from week 2, you are ready to begin exploring more deeply how to create different types of nodes by mods. At this point, each class will become more focused on finding the resources needed to help you write the code you need to accomplish the goals you set for your mod.

Things you should know by the end of this challenge:

This Week's Challenge!

(1)Continue to work on your mod. For most of you this may mean going back and finishing code for the node you started last week. Once you have succesfully added a node with a craft to your minetest world, you are ready to begin exploring what direction you want to take your mod.

(2) Work on improving your pixel art skills using either Piskel or Gimp (on your flashdrive) to create textures for nodes you wish to add to the game. Remember, as a general rule, node textures should be 16X16 pixels. Explore using layers to continue to imporve your textures by working on a new layer over the work you have done and then merging the layers when you are happy with the changes. Make sure to save them in the textures folder in your mod.

(3) Set a realistic goal for your mod that you can accomplish over the next few weeks of class. Successful mods will most likely focus on adding a few new nodes. craft items and/or tools to the game. Research how you might create different types of nodes such as plantlike nodes, glasslike nodes or nodes that give off light. Exprerieced Codeminers may want to explore creating new ores or plants that spawn on the map. Later you might try using node boxes to create models for nodes which are not block-shaped. Use Ruben Wardy's chapter on "Node Drawtypes" for ideas about how to reach your goal. More advanded coders should also look into the Minetest Modding Lua API for ideas about new possibilities for modding.

Next week we have a catch-up week and try to meet one-on-one. Be ready to discuss your goals for your mods.