About the instructor

Students call me Mr. Jack. I have worked at ArtSpace for 4 years. I have been tinkering on the computer since the times of MSDOS. Unwittingly, I first began programming drawings with a copy of AutoCAD my father had for work around the time I was in fifth grade. I later picked up some HTML in an afterschool class taught by a middle school math teacher.

Really though, it's only been in the past year that I have begun to seriously attempt to build a skill set in coding and creating digital graphics. My journey started as an innocent experiment in "hacking" my Chromebook so that it could run a Linux operating system alongside ChromeOS. From there I fell headlong into the vast world of open-source development. I soon realized that within this seemingly obscure world, there is a wealth of opportunities to explore, learn, and engage while developing many relevant life and career skills.

What we know is always far less than what we don't, but knowing where to find the information we seek when we need it is the most useful knowledge. There are many tools and resources to help us along the way. But at some point, we reach the place where we cannot find what we are looking for. That is where we must transform from passive consumers of technology to makers.

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